2017 September Update

We are near the end of the 2017 season with just a few more gigs to go. Perhaps the biggest event of the year was working with the RNLI to celebrate their 150th anniversary. As we manage Oddfellows Hall which was built in 1867 and was the boathouse for the first RNLI Lifeboat the DUNCAN its been a special year for us as well. The picture shows Gary & Ben putting in Oddfellows Hall a display of our history.

Perhaps the biggest gig was again Falmouth but it was closely followed by a gig at Folk East which was a bit special for us. Clearly shanty music is folk music and we fitted into the folk scene very well


The Shantymen continue to perform in any number of churches, village halls and at smaller venues which are their bread and butter and they enjoy them immensely. They say it keeps them in touch with their grass roots supporters and helps them keep their feet on the ground. They say if you are not doing it right, people will soon let you know.  The Shantymen are full of praise for the organizers of the events at the various venues in which they perform. They are very aware of the depth of organisational commitment which is needed to make it happen and they wish to extend their sincere thanks to everyone who has been involved.

All in all the group have had an enjoyable year and are looking forward to 2018 traveling and entertaining the great British public. Long may they continue..

Take care & safe sailing.