Special Events ~ Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre, Sunday 22nd October 2017 @7.30 pm.




Re Pier Pavilion Theatre,  Sunday 22nd October 2017 @ 7.30 pm

We are now well advanced pulling together the Pier show for the autumn of this year. We have spent a few hilarious evenings with our close friend Keith Skipper planning the detailed arrangements, but trying to keep Keith on line is impossible. The jokes and one liners fall over one another in a constant flow. We find ourselves discussing the former crab wars and ‘Trumps wall’ all in the same sentence and then commenting upon the futility or effectiveness of both.

With regards to the show, we have decided the recipients of the profits will be the RNLI (Cromer & Sheringham) and the Magdalene Group from Norwich. If you support us this year as you did last we expect the profits to be of a similar magnitude between say £2,500/£2,800.

After much debate we have called the show ‘Catch of the Day’, well actually my son did after we stumbled through about forty or so cumbersome names. We are currently working on the timing and a few pleasant surprises for one and all.

We really hope you will come join us this year and hear some good old normal for Norfolk squit from Keith and to be honest, much the same from the Shantymen.

We look forward to seeing you. Regards

Brian J Farrow

Musical Director
Sheringham Shantymen
16th September 2017